Rose Marie Adams Landers Moon Buetler just some of the many names she uses but whatever it is that you know her by, I can guarantee that she has caused nothing but heartache & drama. That is what she thrives on...

In a ntushell this is what this woman is about:

1) She has lost 2 sets of children to the state at different times, all for beating & abusing them

2) She has over 19 evictions in this state alone. She has not lived in a home in 20 years that she has NOT been evicted from

3) She currently has 15 to 17 dogs living in filth being abused. (As of this writing she had 14 animals removed from her care)

4) She was convicted of child assault on one of her own children.

5) She sold one of her kids in Florida

6) She claims her "work" is sanctioned by HSUS, CAPS & Best Friends

7) 3 Seniors have died after being in her "care" in the last decade, she left George's mother laying on the floor for around 36 hours, & the two other had "medication mix ups"

8) She has over 33 restraining orders on people

9) She has over 60 criminal charges from theft forgery assault of a minor etc...

10) She is currently frauding PUD by claiming she lives with her daughter for lower energy rates

11) She lies & calls CPS on everyone she comes into contact with I was there when she called once on someone named Brandon.

12) She had her son signed up for Social Security Benefits  for years & he never knew because she kept the money.

13) She works with the City of Everett Animal Control to get people's animals taken away by lying & she is such a good liar that she makes a great witness. She does NOT miss a beat in any of her lies.

14) She harasses people by posting any shred of information she can get on them without mercy so this page is dedicated to her & to all of the people she has tortured over the last almost 3 decades

I have documentation for everything on these pages or else I would not say it, so if you see something I have said without a document then it is just because I haven't added it & I am adding more daily as time permits but this woman's past is so disgusting that it takes time to figure out what I am going to post: I have 3 containers full of documents about her, some I got but most were sent to me by people who's lives she has tried to destroy, & some she did. Please keep in mind that there are many innocent victims involved in this & it takes some debate before I add some of the stuff

For additional information please visit our blog where you will also find much more documentation about this person

Click on the pictures to go to the news stories covered exclusively by KOMO4 News.


Rose Adams & George Beutler

If you see either one of these people please protect yourself. Do not share any personal information & do not cross their paths. If you have children & CPS shows up at your door, ask if she called, the same with animal control. If you are having any trouble with her with any agency please show them this page with all of the documentation so that they will know who they are dealing with. She has a lengthy criminal record & a violent history so please protect yourself as well

Small victory... I say small because any "win" with Rose Adams

 comes at the cost of pain for other people & animals, so it is

never a real "win"...

Sometimes a win is not a win… Rose Adams might walk off scott free

I am so tired, tired of trying to prove that I was not lying, & that she was abusing her dogs.

Tired of fighting the City of Everett, & tired of being accused of what Rose Adams is guilty of.

I have lost so many people I thought were my friends, but it made me appreciate the ones who stood by me even more & I have made some friends during this almost 3 year long ordeal as well

Snohomish County - dailyJailRegister 2013-05-16 05-35-18

Here is why she will get off scott free… Since she is on welfare & Social Security she can just say she didn't have enough money to take the dogs to the vet's to be treated, & if they ask why she proceeded to get more dogs, she will have an excuse for that too. This is a woman who has spent DECADES playing the system, she actually enjoys the drama, the trauma & the challenge, in her sick & twisted mind it is a way to show her "superiority" There will be no consequences for this monster, there never is. She leaves a trail of heartache & destruction where ever she goes. Unless she is charged with Felony Animal Abuse she will walk free

Edmonds Animal Code 5.05.128 Animal cruelty.

C. Animal cruelty is a misdemeanor.

D. In any prosecution for animal cruelty, it shall be an affirmative defense, if established by the defendant by a preponderance of the evidence, that the defendant’s failure was due to economic distress beyond the defendant’s control.

She needs to be charged with felonies other wise she can get back atleast 5 of those dogs & one of them that is licensed to her is Sadie

Here is our petition

petition banner

We also need to go after the other 2 rescues who were giving her dogs because one of them lied & stalled out any investigation that couldve been done

Unfortunately there are many many other videos of the abuse these dogs have suffered, here are just 17 of them

Brandia Ta'amu - YouTube 2013-05-18 22-37-31

There have been several TV reports & newspaper reports


She has 10 hearings scheduled so far:

The Mayor needs to know that the world is watching & we won’t accept this kind of abuse in any city!
Third Floor City Hall
121 Fifth Avenue North
Edmonds, WA 98020

What I want to know is HOW is the City of Everett going to defend themselves after the WORLD has seen this?

It is a slam dunk to prove that I have been telling the truth all along but instead of using their brains they took the word of this woman just to convict me, they spent literally millions of dollars to prosecute me for not having water out 24 hours a day while these dogs were going through this in their city.

They mutilated my precious George & took his last few days on this earth from us, after they did who knows what to him, remember he was bleeding from his rectum & unable to walk when he got to the shelter, my Sophie was bloody missing teeth & hypothermic, & my poor Hoki was having seizures. It was their chance to get a hold of my animals & make me “pay” for challenging them, now it is them who will pay but that can’t bring back my reputation, my life, those few days I had left with George, & all of the heartache I have gone through along with whatever horrors my animals have been subject to.

This is no win, I have proven what kind of a piece of shit Rose is, & I have proven I was telling the truth but it doesn’t make it any better. The fact still remains my animals were tortured & Rose’s animals have endured 3 years of abuse, beatings, fights & neglect. It is impossible to be “happy” about that. Now I have to find an attorney with enough balls to make them accountable for what they have done to them & myself.

My History with this woman....

Rose Adams was facing 6 gross misdemeanors for her dogs attacking someone, for having too many dogs & for them not being licensed. At that time I had moved out of my place & our other place was not ready so I went to stay with her off & on for 17 days, days which I will regret for the rest of my life. By "staying there" I mean I would go back & forth between her house & my car because I had my own dogs with me. She had 2 vicious dogs there so I was not about to let my dogs around her or in her house because her dogs had fleas & tapeworms so badly that they actually had the worms crawling of their rectum. At one point those 2 dogs got into a fight & it took Rose, George, her adult son & myself to tear them apart. I also witnessed one of those dogs kill her cat, but the cat didn't die right away, she refused to take him to the vet, he died in my arms & she threw him in a box outside of her door for a couple of days before they did anything with him. 

I created a webpage to chronicle my case because it became so convoluted that I knew if I told people my story they would think I was certifiably insane so the webpage was a way to prove what was going on to share documentation for other folks going through the same thing & so people would know I wasn't lying or crazy. I had a page called Lack of Character of my Accusers, but I found so much more info on Rose that I decided this afternoon (4/21/2013) once I found out she was posting on craigslist once again about me that this whole thing had become too much. Her crazy is something you can't comprehend on just one page so she has her own website now & the sickest part is that she will be so happy about it... just to have the attention. She will not see it for what it is, she will use this to garner sympathy, but she will direct people to this page to point out what a victim she is, she will not be ashamed of anything these pages contain because she sincerly believes that everything here, everything that has happened in her life, is someone else's fault.

This is about FAR MORE then just a crazy woman, there are helpless animals & children involved in this, there are people who's lives she has ruined, & then reveled in the wreckage. She is a classic narcissist, for those of you who do not understand what it is like to be held victim or be dependent on these kind of people you need to read this article, it has given me at least a vague understanding of what motivates her rage, hatred & utter destruction oof everyone & everything around her. I have read many articles, even books trying to figure out what could make someone so hateful & brutal, this article defines it but reaches home for the parents, children, spouses of anyone being held emotional hostage by this type of individual

Characeristics of
Narcissistic Mothers

WARNING: A person with narcissistic personality disorder tends to become depressed when their feelings are badly hurt, when their defenses have let them down and when they believes their world is collapsing. When wounded, they are at the greatest risk of acting out, either against themselves or others. A person experiencing a narcissistic rage may become homicidal, particularly if they have a need to seek revenge. Because of the intensity of the narcissist's emotions, anyone involved with this type of person needs to deal very carefully with this anger and avoid a power struggle. Do not go out of your way to antagonize this woman, she is very manipulative & if she cant hurt you she has others she has been abusing for years she can & will send after you. The best thing to do if she is attacking you is to make authorities aware of her mental history, & of her mental abuse & illness. Once a state, county or city employee is aware of her modus operandi, they are less likely to believe what she says. I would advise if she has engaged you in any kind of a legal battle to simply point others to this page so they can see it all laid out in plain sight.


Blog Posts about Rose Adams with additional information & documentation about Rose Adams & her known associates. Christine James of CJ's Rescue not only supplied animals to Rose Adams but lied to animal control numerous times to PROTECT Rose, Ginger Luke gave her dogs as well & was part of this abuse & torture these animals suffered, she also let her exotic animals starve to death once they weren't making her enough money & she is a federally convicted animal abuser. There are other folks involved, & their stories are here too but check out the blog to get a full understanding of how deep this evil woman & her cohorts are willing to go to cover themselves & to keep their lies hidden.

Rose Adams to serve 16 days in jail & possess no animals for 2 years. To be retried!

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